From manufacturing to warehousing, assembly, quality control and delivery, make sure your products are delivered to customers in mint condition. Northrich offers cost-effective protective packaging solutions to safeguard your products.

The ANGLEGUARDTM and the STRAP GUARD edge protector ensure stability and ease of loading for transportation. They help to greatly improve productivity, protect goods from damage and substantially reduce replacement costs.

When used with other complementary packaging solutions, the ANGLEGUARDTM is a very effective way to create displays ready to be used in big-box stores.

It provides better stacking strength and secures unwieldy skids for storage and shipment. It also increases product protection and cost savings to service a wide range of industry specific applications.

Finally, ANGLEGUARDTM can be used to standardize pallet size and to simplify and ease the implementation of fully automated handling and storage systems.
Most Northrich products are made of recycled materials.
Protect the environment through recycling our products.