Proud to be a Sustainable Packaging Company

At Northrich

We proudly stand as the Canadian leader in protective packaging solutions.

As a sustainable packaging company with a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation, we offer a comprehensive range of protective packaging products tailored to meet your unique needs. 

Our Products

From our edge protectors (Angleguard™  and Strapguard) to an array of sheets (separators, slip and tier sheets) and tubes and cores, our products are designed to be robust and reliable. Whether you require standard offerings or customized solutions, we have the expertise to craft protective packaging that suits your specific requirements.

Elevating Protection, Embracing Circularity

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission at Northrich is to create innovative products, solve our customers' problems, and establish mutually beneficial business relationships. We operate based on the following principles:



We strive to stand out and build a competitive advantage in the market.



We invest in talent, technology, and customer outreach to continually improve our solutions and services.



Our employees are empowered to contribute their skills and expertise, creating a fulfilling professional experience.



We focus on sustaining strong revenues and profitability while delivering superior value to all stakeholders.

Our Competitive Edge


Vertical Integration

We control our paper supply, ensuring consistent and high-quality materials.


Eco-Friendly Solutions

Our commitment to sustainability meets the demand for responsible packaging.


Customer Service and Quality

We prioritize customer satisfaction, delivering high-quality, reliable service.


Environmental and Sustainability Certifications

Northrich holds recognized certifications, demonstrating our commitment to responsible operations and sustainability.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Northrich places a strong emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We actively promote diversity in our workforce, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees. By embracing diversity, we foster an inclusive culture that encourages creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

We are dedicated to corporate social responsibility and sustainable practices, continually seeking collaborations and partnerships to drive innovation in the ever-evolving Pulp and Paper Manufacturing space.

Northrich is more than a packaging solutions provider; we are a company that values people, embraces diversity, and actively contributes to building a better, more inclusive future for all.