Paperboard Sheets

Slip Sheets, Tier Sheets, Divider Sheets, Separators, and Pallet Sheets, designed to enhance safety and efficiency in your material handling processes

Sheets and Pads

Paperboard sheets in different sizes and thicknesses available to match your needs

Also known as tier sheets, skid protector, pallet dividers/separators or pallet cover, Chipboard sheets are commonly used to protect finished products from damage throughout transportation and are used to
stabilize load and as interleafing between layers. 

  • Pallet covers
  • Separator sheets
  • Backing materials for the printing industry
  • Layout board
  • Floor mat
  • Stiffeners, Shims, furring strips
  • Packaging and dust cover applications

Protective Paperboard Sheets

Protective Sheets

Custom and stock sheeted products ranging from pallet covers and separatorsheets to backing materials for the printing industry.

Slip & Tier Sheets

Crafted to distribute weight evenly, ensuring the safety of your products. Tier Sheets, in particular, help stack your products securely by fitting between items, effectively distributing weight. Divider sheets also serve as pallet caps, adding an extra layer of protection for your valuable products.

Partition Sheets

Highly adaptable and can be easily cut to accommodate various sizes and shapes. Ideal for creating individual compartments, making them perfect for safeguarding delicate items.

Pasted Chipboard

Flat or preformed multi-ply laminated chipboard is made from 100% recycled fibers with neutral pH.

Anti-Skid Sheets

Can be placed on top of wooden / plastic pallets or between layers of products (boxes, bags, etc.) to prevent all slippage and damage issues

Width Length Caliper
8 to 48" 22 to 72" 12 to 40 pts

Protect Your Assets


Protects products while keeping dust away during transportation and storage


Stabilizes boxes and products during transportation and storage.


Eliminate slippage, secure loads, increase productivity and safety using GRIP PUSH-PULL SHEET, thin pallet-sized sheets designed to replace or supplement wooden pallets in transportation and warehouse applications


Anti-skid sheets offer a multitude of benefits, as they can be placed on top of wooden or plastic pallets or between layers of products (boxes, bags, etc.) to prevent slippage and damage. They enhance secure shipping and handling, optimize warehousing efficiency, improve stability during skid handling, increase product volume per skid, and reduce the cost of returned goods

Safeguard what matters

Our Sheets product range offers the ideal solutions for your material handling needs, providing top-notch protection and versatility.

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