Industry specific solutions offering unlimited possibilites

Every industry's needs are different, so we offer industry-specific protective packaging products with virtually unlimited applications

While each product has been designed to solve a specific protective packaging challenge, often our multiple edge protection products are used together for a customized, cost-saving solution.

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From manufacturing to warehousing, assembly, and delivery, make sure your products are delivered in mint condition.

General Manufacturing

From retail to industrial products, find cost-effective protective packaging solutions to preserve the quality of your products.
fresh produce and fragrant flowers

Produce & Growers

All sorts of food products like fruits, vegetables and flowers require protection of delicate edges.
Foodstuffs And Beverages

Food & Beverage

Several types of food products, such as fruits, vegetables and flowers, require their delicate edges to be protected.

Window & Doors

Reduce the risk of damage during transportation and storage but also in transit to the customer location.
Workstation Furniture

Office Furniture

Ideal protections for preserving office furniture, furniture, bookcases and kitchen cabinets.
Residence Appliances And Electronics

Appliances and Electronics

Shipping and storing appliances represent unique challenges because of highly sensitive components.
Packing On Pallets

Pallet Packaging

Make sure the goods you deliver make it to customers in mint condition